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Roy T. Bennett Quote


At Sticky-inspirations, we know the importance of a true gift – one that goes far beyond the tangible. We know that by inspiring someone, you give them the gifts of hope, joy, confidence and much more. When the presents are unwrapped, when the party is over, when the long-awaited holiday is gone, the excitement, inspiration and motivation from Sticky-inspirations continues as a new quote is revealed with every single sticky note. Our mission is to inspire the world, and our products are designed with that in mind. We have curated quotes from world leaders, visionaries, authors, inventors, philosophers, business people, artists, and other great minds, and put them all in one place. This encouraging collection of inspirational sticky notes are beautiful, uplifting, and most of all functional. You, your friends and your loved ones will enjoy and be inspired by the quotes, while still using the sticky notes to accomplish daily tasks or remember important items. The colors, art, and quotes were carefully selected to create a combined sense of comfort and encouragement, making those unending to-do lists a pleasure to read, not an overwhelming list of chores. Equally at home in the office or on a bedroom mirror, these inspirational sticky notes will brighten every day! 


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